Rule 33. Interrogatories to Parties


TRCP Rule 33 is followed in its entirety and the following language is also added:

(a) When to File: Do not file the original written questions with the Clerk of the Tennessee Claims Commission until (a) after the answers have been secured, and/or (b) at least ten days prior to the hearing of a motion, pre-trial conference or trial wherein the questions and/or answers will be needed as evidence, a basis for a motion to compel, or the like.

(b) Number and Format of Interrogatories:

  1. No party shall serve on any other party more than thirty single question interrogatories, including subparts, without leave of the Commission. Any motion seeking permission to serve more than thirty interrogatories shall set out the additional interrogatories the party wishes to serve. The motion shall be accompanied by a memorandum giving reasons establishing good cause for the service of additional interrogatories. If a party is served with more than thirty interrogatories without an order of the Commission, he or she shall respond only to the first thirty in the manner provided by the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure. The parties may agree otherwise without the Commissioner’s permission.
  2. After each separate question and subquestion, a blank space shall be provided reasonably calculated to enable the answering party to have his or her answer typed in. The answering party shall verify the answers immediately following his or her answer to the last interrogatory.

Editor’s Note:  The text of original Tenn. R. Civ. Pro. 33 is set forth below so that the reader can readily see the changes adopted by the Claims Commission.


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