Rule 9A. Petition for Termination of Parental Rights; Content of Petition

In addition to meeting all other applicable rules governing the filing of pleadings, any complaint or petition seeking a termination of parental rights shall contain the following notice.   Any appeal of the trial court ‘s final disposition of the complaint or petition for termination of parental rights will be governed by the provisions of Rule 8A, Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure, which imposes special time limitations for the filing of a transcript or statement of the evidence, the completion and transmission of the record on appeal, and the filing of briefs in the appellate court, as well as other special provisions for expediting the appeal. All parties must review Rule 8A, Tenn. R. App. P., for information concerning the special provisions that apply to any appeal of this case. [Amended by order filed January 15, 2004; effective July 1, 2004.]



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