Rule 43.04. Matters Considered by Court

When parties supporting or opposing motions before the court present materials not previously filed with the court, such materials shall be submitted as follows:

(1) All or part of any deposition taken pursuant to Rules 30 or 31 shall be accompanied by an original or photocopy of the certification of the officer taking the deposition.

(2) All or part of any interrogatory answers or objections thereto obtained pursuant to Rule 33 and all or part of any response or objection to a Rule 36 request for admission shall be accompanied by the original signature of the responding party or attorney, or a photocopy thereof.

(3) Any document obtained pursuant to a Rule 34 request for production of documents shall be accompanied by a copy of the request for production and either a copy of the response thereto or a certificate of authenticity from the party or attorney presenting the document to the court.

The submitting party shall also include the title page of the foregoing documents showing the complete caption for the action as required by Rule 10.01. The submission shall include all relevant definitions provided in the original document.

In ruling on any motion, the court shall consider only those documents and other materials that have been filed with the court as provided herein or that have been presented to the court in accordance with Rules 43.01 or 43.02, or matters that have been stipulated by the parties. [Added by order filed December 10, 2003; effective July 1, 2004.]

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