0310-01-01-.73 Privacy

(1) Those filing documents of any kind with the Claims Commission shall refrain from including, or shall redact as follows where inclusion is necessary, the following personal identifiers from all documents filed publicly with the Clerk, including exhibits thereto, unless required by statute or otherwise ordered by the Claims Commission:

(a) If a social security number must be included in a document, only the last four (4) digits of that number shall be used.

(b) If an individual’s date of birth must be included in a document, only the year shall be used.

(c) If a financial account number is relevant, only the last four (4) digits of the number shall be used.

(2) In addition, E-filers should exercise caution when filing documents that contain the following:

(a) Personal identifying numbers, such as driver’s license numbers;

(b) Medical records;

(c) Employment history;

(d) Individual financial information; and

(e) Proprietary or trade secret information.

(3) It is the sole responsibility of the filing party that all documents comply with this Rule requiring redaction of personal identifiers. The Clerk will not review each document for redaction.

Authority: T.C.A. § 9-8-306.

Administrative History: Original rule filed May 10, 2019; effective August 8, 2019.


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